Mistral Mare Hotel Agios Nikolaos


Agios Nikolaos, with over forty years of experience in the tourism industry, is an international and cosmopolitan resort that welcomes thousands of visitors annually.

The lake is its most charming feature. Legend suggests that Athena and Armetis bathed in its waters. This lake is connected to the sea by a straight channel, while its natural surroundings of red rock and trees attract the visitor magnetically.

At a small open-air theatre by the lake, locals and visitors alike can enjoy interesting artistic and cultural presentations. A walk around the shops of Aghios Nicolaos is an enjoyable experience. In the many stores the visitor can find a wide selection of traditional Cretan artwork, copies of pieces from different archaeological museums, jewelry, and embroidery. There you can find taverns serving traditional Cretan “mesedes” or tidbits of local food.

When the Eastern sun East daily shines on the land of Kalo Chorio, the places and the people, its rays bless the hallowed ground and bestow upon it innumerable virtues. Every waking day, this blessed place of Kalo Chorio relates and reconnects its existence with the sun and the sea, the mountain, the forests and the plain, to its people and their spirited ways. Its natural environment, its visual impact, and its physical beauty remain unchanged as many centuries ago.

The people of Kalo Chorio are bound up with nature and their land, and from Minoan times they have fought and lived with the unique conditions that the wonders of nature has bestowed upon their bountiful place.